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9:50 p.m. - 2001-09-12
AA journal backlog 5
for my girl sharon - hakuna matada~!!! no worries~!~! *in his hands*


funniest personalities on AA





the confessions ever read st. augustine`s "the confessions"? funny stuff. he was such a bad boy ;) and his writings are so old school, so tedious, he rhetorically questions everything, and i mean everything. he confesses all the way back to the time he was still in his mom`s tummy. "when i was still in her womb, blah blah... whilst i was sucking and being fed, i sinned blah blah".i kept making quizzical faces and putting the book down saying "what the..."

pizzicato fivela regle du jeu

kitto unmei ha

kitto watashi ni furimuku

kitto kamisama ha

kitto watashi ni hohoemu

kitto anata ha

kitto watashi ni furimuku

soshiite... soshiite konya mata

anata ni aitai... anata ni aitai...

# of times i`ve listened to this song in the past 3 days = 50 ++ (somebody help me!)


AHHHH i`m so in love~~~ kekeke! i am now sharing this fantastic song w/everyone :) :) :)

wtf isup w/AA? you can`t *force* someone to make a donation to enter your stupid site! pretty soon it will turn into an adult cyber infomercial,*forcing* you to sign up for a porn acct before you enter. anyways, i shall not let that get to my day.. i just had some yummy watermelon, mmmm~~ *rubbing my tummy* ;) i havent seen stars in 3yrs, and last nite i saw a sea of them!!! so beautiful~

can`t believeaaliyah died, freakn unreal.all that talent and beauty =( how muchcontrol do you really have over your life?

my cute mom

mom story #1 every time she visits me, she likes to clean my apartment and do my laundry. today as she was cleaning, she picked up this super skinny red laced thong.

mom: "what is this thing? it looks like someone just chopped off the crotch area.. you wear this? im gonna throw it away."

me: "nooo, thats expensive"

mom: "i dunno whats wrong w/you kids these days... not wanting to wear regular comfortable underwear.. why are all yours like strings?"

story #2. couple weeks ago, i was eating my ben&jerry super chocolate chunkice cream inthe living room and had accidentallyspilled some on the carpet. i didnt know how to clean it up, so instead, i put a peice of paper over it. while cleaning, my mom moved away the paper and discovered my mess. i thought she would get mad, but instead, she laughed her ass off, and said, `when are you ever gonna grow up?`


what do you know... i learned my very first baseball terminology~~

the batting average is basically the percentage of how many hits a playergets versus the number of times he`s been up to bat. take for example, sammy sosa`s batting avg.this year is like .320, over the span of the season it`s 100/300.

.500 is scoring half, 50%. girls, if someone asks youhow you did on your presentation pitch? and if it was 50/50, you can say "batting .500". hehe simple right? :)

ASK seweetee

"do you ever compare previous b/f`s with current guys that you go out with? just wondering if this is a guy thing or something people doin general regardless of gender. i was talking to a buddy of mine and he said he does the same thing. what`s up with that anyway? have we just not moved on after our break-ups?"

i think its natural for us to compare. i used to question like you, but then i realized... its because i loved my ex, and since i am dating, my subconscious is retracing to thelastimpressionof love.

take for example you were shopping for a winter jacket. now when you try it on, you will most likely to compare the feel, comfort, style of the jacket to the last one you had... right?

its not because you still want the old jacket back, just that you had good memories w/the last one, and just so happened that you fell in love w/it.

i think this comparison pattern will continue on until you meet a new potential winter jacket at a store, and not only do you fall lustfully at it, but that youwear it for an entire winter and eventually finding yourself being attached to it, favoring it over your other jackets, and falling in love w/it.

hehe hope i didnt confuse you... of course love between human beings is a lot more complicatedthan shopping for jackets, but you get the pt.

inspired by pdokko oppa`s cell phone story

AA observed

has anyone noticed the various social/personality cliques in the AA community? let see, you have the diligentjournalwriters (who painstaking documents exorbitant details on what they had for dinner, how many times they`ve pee`ed in a day, explicit details of a good blowjob, etc) then the HS kiddies, (who likes to leave cut-and-paste messages in your guestbook with discordant clash of alphabets in the form of tAg mE, hIt mE, tiCKle mY g-SpOt) gotta love these kiddies, they work so hard to earn AA member points for the much esteemed prize ofa baby-tee in the mail. then there is drag racers, ravers, rollers, droppers, cynical mockers, ohand not to mentionthe AA_hotties.

did i forget anyone else? oh andthere is the pseudo intellectual avant-garde/elitist snobs (whowrites a bunch of gibberish nonsense in a vain attempt to display the literatures they`ve read in college), the so-called online relationship experts, oh and my personal favorite... the strange phenomenon as the Hipstomp Groupies. (ah yes, young girlsof all ages and ethnic backgrounds traveling to NYC to meet this mysterious heart-racing, deliriously funny writer behind the hit bi-weekly column `love inthe 10block radius`).

its quite humorous when youthink about it, kinda like HS lunchrooms... where didyou fitin? who did you share your apples and peanut butter sandwiches with?

anyways i dont belong to any of the groups, maybe im just not popular enough. (pun verywell intended).

can`t saythe same for Forever_MaY though, now that she has discovered her bike fetish, she is planning to organize a clique called AAducati`s in an attempt to pimp for bikers online. (only the finest for her taste) lolllllll

Brown Eyes - Bul Ssuh Il Nyun (Already One Year)

Download: here

i finally saw the brown eyes video. (thanks rolex2000)

it reminds me of those sappy korean dramas. watching the love scenes stirred this ephemeral longing in me. i didnt understand the storyline, but left feeling confused ... nostalgic, but confused.

then a friend explained it for me. basically, its your typical love triangle - girl dating a boxer, boxer loses his championship, and girl falls for the opponent (played by theguy from Crouching Tigers). and so the former bf sings abouthowits beena year now, and he is still waiting for her.

it turnsout, the2 guys from browneyes never even appeared in the video. no one has ever seen them. isnt that weird? perhaps they super hideous, or that they want to maintain a sense of mystery.

I am torn

between the man that lies half asleep

within the dawning of my mind

and the man I embrace when i am awaken

One is young and precarious

wickedly charming and fun

while the latter is deep and enlightening

one excites my body

the other stirs my soul

How do I choose?

for my heart is ill with the

relentless battle between

passion and reason

.background playing - nothing can stop us now - st. etienne


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