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9:51 p.m. - 2001-09-12
::: seweetee smoking log :::

hurm i`ve been seeing this lil image on a lot of AA pages.

are girls really evil?? come on~

yeah i know, if it wasn`t for eve,

adam would still be chillin in Edenland.

buuut what kind of fun is that without women?

theres no one to cook you a yummie meal,

no one to massage your back,

no one to do your dirty laundry,

no one to eat ice cream with,

annnd no one to get jiggy with!!!



"where would i be without my baby

the thought alone might break me

and i don`t wanna go crazy

but every thug needs a lady

so baby girl put it on me" Ja Rule

okies so i received some comments toward the lil vignette about life without girls, seems to me that guys have adapted and grown to be very self-sufficient, still it doesn`t prove life is any fun without us.

DINGALING wrote: "true we would be all alone ineden still, and i think we would all be gay too becausethe devil would have tempted us, and just human sexuality would have drawn men together....that`s what happens in prison ya know....

What I can cook. I do Laundry...i eat icecream with my guy friends. but ugh, jiggy? yeah iguess it is nicer witha partner...hehehe"

supermodel159 (aka chrissy) wrote:

"theres no one to cook you a yummie meal,


no one to massage your back,

egh. massages remind me of getting

e-molested at raves.

no one to do your dirty laundry,

i don`t do laundry, i wear paper bags.

no one to eat ice cream with,

hey, more ice cream for ME.

annnd no one to get jiggy with!!!

i don`t need anyone to get jiggy with, i can git down on my own. watch."

porky says booya!

click here for

Porky Porn~~~

a laAA style

Day 16 69 of quitting smoking!!!

[6:14 PM 8/1/01] a voice tempted me recently saying "did God really say smoking is a sin?"


[9:33 AM 7/26/01] o man, last night was really difficult for me, i found myself praying to God for strength. i need to make some nonsmoking friends, remember to take deep breath, and baby steps...


It seems to me, from all the ppl whom I`ve spoken to.. most of them were able to quit for a long period of time (6months-1year) and somehow pick up the habitagain. Why? Why go through all the quitting troublejust to start again?

Is it because we are not vigilant enough?How long do we have to keep up the guards? I mean, even alcoholic recovers are able to drink casually after some periods of time right? (hmmm I wonder if this is my sneaky tactic in talking myself into smoking casually again *bad jennie*)


quitting smoking is like the weirdest thing. i get highly emotional and sensitive and not even know it. last night my mommy calls me up to chat, and after talking for no more than 5mins i started sobbing to her, just crying about without evening a sensible reason. i`m so weak sometimes, my friend jimmy likes to call me the weakest link.


wow,over a month now. why won`t the craving go away? i wonder ifthey will ever go away?


had a dream the other night, isaw a cigarette dangling infront of me, tempting meand saying "smoke me, smoke me, smoke me!"

and well, i resisted and woke up. didnt think it was this hard. today is day 28, and still counting. thank you God.


today is the11th day of me smoke-free. 10more days to go till i reach my first cycle of recovery, andlemmie tell ya, you are literally in competitionwithyouself.

ivebeen smoking continuously for the past 5yrs, and though friends and family would nag and b!tch, i never had the desire to quit because i enjoyed cigs. (i wouldn`t even quit for bfs)

alot of ppl have asked me what gave me the final conviction toquit. all i can say is that i marvel at the creativity of God. God is a very humorous God, when He wants to convict your heart, his will always gets accomplished.

i`m quitting coldturkey without any patches or substitutes. this has been a great excerise of my willpower and faith. in a way, it makes me feel very good inside. and even myfriends have noticed that my voice is more clear and happier.


Gibran Khalil Gibran

One hour devoted to the pursuit of Beauty

And Love is worth a full century of glory

Given by the frightened weak to the strong.

From that hour comes man`s Truth; and

During that century Truth sleeps between

The restless arms of disturbing dreams.

In thathour the soul sees for herself

The Natural Law, and for that century she

Imprisons herself behindthe law of man;

And she is shackled with irons of oppression.

That hour was the inspiration of the Songs

Of Solomon, an that century was the blind

Power which destroyed the temple of Baalbek.

That hour was the birth of the Sermon on the

Mount, and that century wrecked the castles of

Palmyra and the Tower of Babylon.

That hour was the Hegira of Mohammed and that

Century forgot Allah, Golgotha, and Sinai.

One hour devoted to mourning and lamentingthe

Stolen equality of the weak is nobler than a

Century filled with greed and usurpation.

It is at that hour when the heart is

Purified by flaming sorrow and

Illuminated by the torch of Love.

And in that century, desires for Truth

Are buried in the bosom of the earth.

That hour is the root which must flourish.

That hour of meditation, the hour of

Prayer, and the hour of a new era of good.

And that century is a life of Nero spent

On self-investment taken solely from

Earthly substance.

This is life.

Portrayed on the stage for ages;

Recorded earthly for centuries;

Lived in strangeness for years;

Sung as a hymn for days;

Exalted butfor anhour, but the

Hour is treasured by Eternity as a jewel.


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